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MyDvd crashes when importing mpeg



Managed to video capture (from a webcam) using myDVDLE (ver6.1) which creates a mpeg file (mpeg-2?). When I then try and import this mpg file back into a DVD project in myDVD it crashes the prog every time with the error something to do with sonicmpegvideo.dll (mpg codec ?). Anyone out there got a solution ? Seems strange as used MyDvd to encode! I can view the mpg OK in Windows media player 11 so the file seems OK.


Many thanks



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In very rare cases MyDVD mistakes webcams for other capture sources when it really should be rejecting the camera.


The reason MyDVD cannot typically correctly capture from a webcam is because MyDVD, at this point in the products life, was very concerned with using the highest quality capturing solutions and required full 720x480 and a high bitrate. Webcams work on different principles; they want the video to be very small so it can be streamed across the internet. Recent versions of MyDVD are much better and cater much more to other capturing solutions, making it much more flexible.


The point I'm trying to make is that even though you captured, you probably weren't supposed to be able to and even though that file plays and looks fine, it's not. Windows Media Player is simply decoding the file and playing it. MyDVD has to do a much deeper analysis of the file because it is going to have to reencode the file. When it goes to do this it gets confused because something is wrong with the file it created due to the unsupported capture device.


This is all assuming you don't get this with different compatible files.


You should not use that webcam with MyDVD. If you want to use the camera use Microsoft Movie Maker to capture in DV-AVI and let MyDVD encode to MPEG2.

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