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Roxio Products affected by Daylight Saving Time change

Mike V

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I've been tasked with finding out which of our desktop applications may be affected by the change to Daylight Saving Time this year.


Plenty of information is available on Microsoft products and others e.g. CA but I can't find anything on the Roxio\Sonic sites.


We use multiple Roxio applications. It is most likely a non-issue for these app's but I need some confirmation.


Can anyone help?





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For those who haven't heard of this problem, here's an article from IT magazine that describes what MIGHT happen in a business. http://www.computer.org/portal/site/itpro/...xsl=article.xsl&


You're probably going to have to check with each individual software vendor. Relying on a 'list' of applications might be pretty risky to your future employment.


This is a user's forum and you need Roxio Technical Support.


For the average user, it's probably not going to affect them other than having their file times 'off' by one hour and most users don't pay attention to that information.

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I wonder what happens if one does nothing about the immediate problem when the new time change takes place, but then waits for the old MS change to take place regarding the time on the computer ? Will the few days between the old and new change be the only time that the computer is messed up ??



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