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How to burn DVD from .img on Toast 8 vs Titanium 5.2.3



On a Mac in OSX, I need to know if/how Toast 7 and 8 will take a UDF ISO 9660 Bridge file (.dim) that I have created with a program like DiscWelder Steel and burn it to DVD to create a DVD-Audio disc.


I am able to easily do this on Toast Titanium 5.2.3 by selecting "Other>Disc Image" and then dropping in the .dim file. This file then shows up in the Titanium burn window (just above "select" and "mount" as a "UDF Bridge DVD". " This creates a playable DVD-A on a DVD-R.


However, I have been told that Toast 7 and 8 can do it, but nobody has told me how. I have some friends that have this newer version and I am tryiing to help them figure out how to do this. I am also thinking to upgrade, but don't want to if it cannot support this feature. Roxio tells me 7&8 do, but they won't tell me how, which is so weird. How can I know if I should buy it, if I don't know for sure it will work for me?


Also, does anybody know how to just use the Mac OSX tools to burn this .dim without using Toast? I haven't figured out how this is possible.





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