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Burning DVDs with 16/44.1 PCM audio



I have Toast 7.1.2


I've recorded a very long (14 hour) marathon show for a local radio station in 16 bit 44.1k .aif format, and chopped it all up into individual tracks. I did it that way because originally I was just going to burn a bunch of CDs and wanted to keep the native resolution throughout the process. I'm now trying to burn music DVDs instead, to cut down the number of disks.


My first try with Toast, I looked at every option repeatedly and read the manual (repeatedly), but it appeared that my only choices for audio format were Dolby Digital® 2.0 or 16 bit 48k. I made a disk anyway, choosing the PCM option, and Toast converted the sample rate from 44.1 to 48k on the fly. Not optimal. Is there any way at all to keep the audio as 16/44.1 PCM when burning DVDs? In my fantasy world, I'd make the track markers gapless as well, but just keeping the original sample rate is the most important to me right now.



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