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How I got my Kodak Photos (slideshow) to DVD and Have them Burn To Disk to Play On Home DVD Player. I frist Created a slide show... I DID NOT Create the Disk from There... I clicked on Edit to Video Wave.... While In Video Wave... I Then Added THe background Music I wanted to Photos then I Click on Create a video File... Next I then Clicked on Burn ... CLICKED on Project Settings... UNCLICKED Defaults... Set to NSTC... AND Picked MPEG... Then I Burned the Disk.... I Plays in Windows Media and ALSO Plays on My Home DVD Player. I USED DVD + R.. to burn on. Also, I haven't use the EMC8 That much... But there is Other area... I came across that ALLOWS you to Set BURNING Project In SO MANY Different Formats... MPEG -2 Small, Larger... WMA..... A WHOLE List. I Don't Remember where I saw it. Good Luck.

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ss 18 has one way of doing it. I'll take another track. Did you use VideoWave to create the slide shows? Did you render them in that program?


The typical way of creating a DVD with the program is to open MyDVD. Select the menu that appeals to you. Change the background music if you wish. If you want to have the disc start playing immediately after it is inserted (intro movie) add that. Then add the rest of the slide shows. the slide shows do not need to be pre-rendered except for the intro slide show (if any). Click auto arrange and the program will make several pages of menus to get them all to fit (13 will not on one page). Once you have that the way you want it, click burn. Check create iso (image file) and uncheck the rest of the options. Let the program render the slide shows and create an image of the disc that you will be burning. (The time to do this depends on your computer - if it is slow, you may want to go out and play some golf or have a long snowball fight. :) Once the iso file is created, double click on it and disc copier will open. Make sure that you have selected the entire iso file. Then copy.


If you did not pre-render the slide show in VideoWave,you can save the original images on the disc also. In MY DVD after you open it, click on File/Project Settings and select "Archive Photos" (on the left).


You did not mention the total length of the sideshows. Remember that if the length is more than two hours, the program will lower the quality to make them fit. If you have this problem, you may want to create multiple discs.

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