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Some interesting info here


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A whole lot of that is just "mind boggling", Paul. It's not that hard to believe for me. When I started college, what was being taught in computer science was totally obsolete 4 years later.




The one thing that is hard to believe for me is that there will be a $1000 computer that will surpass the human mind. If they are talking about just sheer information, that's not hard to believe but if they want to compare the ability of the human mind to this computer for coming up with all this new stuff, it will never happen !!




Frank....Totally interesting stuff Paul. Thanks for sharing :)

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Never mind about the fate of the (in)human race does anybody know what the background music was cause it was "bloody brilliant."

Brian, according to the NIS lookup, his email address is mcleod@umn.edu if you want to send him an email and ask. If you do, please let us know as well.

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I gotta say, half the stuff in there? I'm just plain not buying it. For one thing, there's a heck of a lot of half-truths in there. Like the thing about the enormous labor surplus. Yes, technically it's true. There is no shortage of jobs, and no matter how many jobs we ship to china or India, there will always be more.


The part they left out: how many of those jobs are minimum wage and would leave people below the poverty line even if they worked 40 hours a week.


They talk a lot about China. They don't talk about the serious problems they have with the whole, you know, communist dictatorship thing. They never even mentioned, nor did it seem like they knew that problems with the opressive government and their huge civil rights violations were why people started complaining about China to begin with.


They talk a lot about how many people are in jobs they have just gotten. They don't mention how many of those people GOT those jobs because they were laid off from other jobs that were shipped over seas.


There's also a lot of predictions on there made by experts. Thing is, according to experts in the 50's? By now we shoudl all be zooming from work across the parking lot in our jet-packs, untill we climb into our flying cars, which will take us home to our nice houses, which are cleaned and taken care of by robots, primarily made on one of our many moon-colonies.

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