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("seek.synch, ATIP or mechanical positioning error - hardware error." [4/09/01])..unspecified error [0x14090108]



I just moved up to EMC9 from Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 (I did uninstall the older Roxio version before installing EMC9.) I have several issues and will number them for ease of answering. 1. I've just wasted (4) brand new DVD-R. I used the (Disc Copier-Copy DVD movies) option to burn an .iso file on my hard-drive to DVD-R. It gets to 99% and fails with this error: ("seek.synch, ATIP or mechanical positioning error - hardware error." [4/09/01])..unspecified error [0x14090108]. At least on ECD&DVD 6, any sort of failure would kick-out the DVD before it was written to and ruined. So I'd like to find how to set this up on EMC9 so I don't waste any more DVDs. Note: The (4) DVD-R were Memorex...I've used these always on ECD&DVD 6 and never had any problems with Memorex. So then I tried using the Disc Copier-Burn Image option, again selecting the same .iso file from my hard-drive, only this time, I used a Sony DVD-RW, and everything worked just fine! Could it be the DVD-R from Memorex...which seems very odd? 2. Next question: If I burn a movie that is longer than 1 hour, somewhere I read that a DVD only holds 1 hour of a movie, yet I had no problems burning a 2 hour moves to DVD-R on ECD&DVD 6. So do I need to get a bigger DVD now on EMC9? Some one said to get a DL... I don't evern know what that is. Sorry for being sort-a-dense here...but I'm an old lady just working my way into the computer world.

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A DVD will hold one hour at best quality. Using Disc Copy from a .iso file will shrink it to fit with some loss of quality


Thje error you are getting is normally a media or drive error. It could be the Memorex discs or you may need to update the drive firmware

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