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D2d And Service Pack 2



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No, it's not, SP2... it's Roxio.


over 2000 people reading this forum are waiting for the D2D Missing Components answer..


I had 2 plextor DVD+RW's, I disconnected one, and re-installed, and D2D was happy..


After I re-connected my 2nd Plextor, D2D was unhappy again, missing components.


My Brother's computer, which is exactly the same as mine, no difference in computer, hardware, or software, SP2, his D2D works fine, vers 8.05, and all components happy..


But mine.. no workie....




-sapp out


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This was posted in early January, I think it's even more relevant today:


Yeah, I think a lot of us know how you feel. This topic has been up on the forum for over a month and is one of the most read, yet there still is no solution to what is a very common problem. It's interesting to read through the posts in this forum and to note a pattern in the respones:


Post: I have a problem with EMC8, please help.


Reply: Update your drivers and firmware.


Post: Still have a problem, what next?


Reply: Your hardware is junk.


Post: Tried EMC8 on different hardware/computer, still have a problem.


Reply: You must be an idiot, EMC works for me.


Post: What the @#$%! I'm just trying to get this thing to work!


Reply: Well, you have to understand, this software - packet writing, backup, video editing, whatever - Is notoriously unreliable and should not be used. What are you using it for anyway?


Post: I just thought it might work as advertised. Now I know better. Last Roxio anything I will buy.


Reply: Don't get nasty with me! I'm just a volunteer helper, I don't work for Roxio!


It is obvious what is going on:


While EMC8 must work well on some machines, there are BIG problems getting it to work on the (very diverse) installed base. This is understandably a tough job but is one faced by every software company. Roxio/Sonic really dropped the ball on this one. Surely they are aware of the problems and will soon offer a solution. That is, if they want to be in business a year from now.


Grandpa Bruce: Everyone knows you are a volunteer user who freely gives of his time and expertise to try to help other users. Problems with EMC8 are NOT your fault - everyone knows this. Please don't take rants personally.

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