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Videowave Crashs in MyDVD production



When working in MyDVD of Easy Creator 9, Videowave crashes when adding transitions. Windows message reads, "videowave has encountered a problem and needs to close". The report has two separate issues it generates. One reads "instruction at 0X001d10B7 reference memory at 0X8C000300 memory could not be written. The other report reads, "instruction at 0X001d1100 reference memory at 0X6ba2e7f7 could not be read". These two messages change each time it crashes or wants to close. I only downloaded 9 yesterday and was doing some test runs. The transitions seem to work fine if the content is only video clips. The problem I am reporting seems to be triggered when I have a combination of video and picture clips in the movie. This problem occurs when working in the MyDVD 9. I have not tried using Videowave directly to see if the same thing happens. Is there a conflict between picture and movie files when editing the movie in MyDVD 9? The movie clips I am using were originally captured using Sonic MyDVD v7 that was installed on the computer when purchased, if that makes a difference.

Suggestions are appreciated.


My system is an HP media centre m7570n, Intel Viiv with Intel Pentium D processor 915 with 2 processing cores, 2MB PC2-4200 DDR SDRAM, 320 GB 7200RPM serial ATA hard drive, Intel Graphics accelerator 950 with up to 224MB shared memory

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Support provided this info but it did not help.






This issue can occur if a feature in Windows XP Service Pack 2 called Data Execution Prevention is enabled. To resolve this issue you can exclude the affected applications from DEP.




The steps below assume you have installed Easy Media Creator to the default location. If you have changed the install location please ensure to reflect that change in steps 6-8.




1. Right click on My Computer and click Properties.

2. Click on the Advanced tab.

3. In the area called Performance, click on the Settings button.

4. Click on the tab called Data Execution Prevention.

5. For the purposes of these steps it is assumed that the option for Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select: is selected here.




6. Click on the Add button and paste the following filename, then press enter or click Open.

C:\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 9\VideoWave9.exe




7. Click on the Add button and paste the following filename, then press enter or click Open.

C:\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 9\MyDVD9.exe




8. Click on the Add button and paste the following filename, then press enter or click Open.

C:\Program Files\Roxio\Media Manager 9\MediaManager9.exe




9. Click OK and accept any system messages.




10. Restart your computer.




You should now be able to launch Capture, DVD Builder, and VideoWave without this error.




If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your webticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive.









Sonic Technical Support


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I'd suspect your graphics in this case. The onboard graphics using shared memory are never really much good and when they are confronted with an intensive rendering, they just lie down and die


Far better to get a dedicated mid-range graphics card than relying on the onboard chipset

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