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HELP! EMC 9 Hangs & Crashes



I have the following PC:


Dell Dimention E520

Intel Core 2

6300 @ 1.86 GHz

1.00 GB of RAM

Win XP MCE Service Pack 2

Used: 35.9 GB

Free: 192 GB


All of a sudden EMC 9 is starting to Hang. When I click on the icon, the splash screen doesn't come up right away and when it does come up, it takes about a 2 to 3 mins. for the splash screen to disappear and if I choose Video Wave it takes about 3 mins to load and then when it does load when I start to click on other options like transitions or effects it just hangs with an hourglass. I have to then end task it and then it takes about a minute or 2 before the program shuts down. This is the first that I have encountered, when I first loaded the program about a month ago it was fine and it worked like a charm.


As you can see from above I have lots of room and have a pretty good system to handle EMC 9.

I have uninstalled EMC 9 and re-installed, I have also did a system restore, and that didn't hep at all. I don't want to have to re-install my OS if I don't need to. Any thoughts, on why this could be happening and what I can do about it? The only big upgrade I did was Mc Afee, but even with that it worked fine.


Any Help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Run a spyware check with at least 2 different spy killers and then run a defrag and finish it off with a registry cleaner like Regseeker or Ccleaner




I tried what you have mentioned and it still hangs. Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated. Anyone else have other ideas that may work to fix this issue. Really eager to get this working again.

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