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If it's Win2000, Start > Settings > Control Panel > Users & Passwords.


I had about half an hour of free entertainment today before I finally got OFF the Administrator account, AND returned IE to the desktop for my account. I've no idea how IE got lost, altho I did figure out how it rebooted into Administrator.


The sequence is different on WinXP; the Beast is normally off between Norton updates - preferrably at intervals of a couple weeks.


I'm sure I'll consider Vista as soon as I find a program I consider necessary that requires 64-bit instead of 32-bit, and a high-end graphics card, and DVD burning. So far, I'm stumped for anything that could possibly use that, let alone require it. :)



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Give the other account admin privileges - you may have to do a second install (I had that problem some time ago with a customer who needed Office on another a/c)


The account always had Admin privileges from the day I set up the machine.


What do you mean by a "second install"?

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On that machine I was talking about Brian, Office was installed in one account. The boss wanted his secretary to use it too, but on her account she simply couldn't access it. I had to switch to her account and pop in the discs - took a few seconds was all. It did a partial install of the necessary files (it didn't put everything in as it 'saw' the previous installation.


After that both accounts were able to run the suite. It seemed that some files (maybe .dlls or something) were 'locked' on the other account and needed to be added to the new user

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Logged on to other account.


Opened EMC9, registered in users name etc.


Checked all optical drives using Tools/ Disc Info.


Drives picked up all discs inserted.


Closed EMC9.


Tried to open discs on all drives in XP (My Computer etc, etc).


Drives wouldn't recognise some discs that were recognised in EMC9.

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