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Cant burn dvd.... HELP!



I tried using nero to burn dvds.... now i use Media Creator 9 suite which i bought thinking it would make things easy... however i have had major problems! Dvds dont encode


80040207 Error while  Encoding Movie 1

An unrecoverable device error occurred. Error while  Aborting


No idea what i am supposed to do but im trying to just burn movies that are .avi or .mpg


And for some reason... no idea why, when i put brand new dvds in it says that some of the space on the dvd is used, but there are no files on it and this never happened untill i installed EMC 9



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Well at least the error message is gone now... but now it just freezes, like it will just stay at 0% so i have no idea.... so fustrating

Have you tried updating your video drivers yet? Uninstall the drivers, reboot, then install the latest ones for your video adapter.

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