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Install or not install EMC9 in Vista



Hi. I downloaded EMC9 shortly after it came out hoping it was an answer to problems I was having with version 8. (The problem was that Roxio stored its folders/files in the Documents & Settings/name/local settings/temp folder. EMC9 worked fine untill I did a cleanup including temp folders with "System Mechanic application". After that EMC9 couldn't find any *msi files. I often wondered why Roxio would store critical files in a temp folder? I could never reinstall EMC9 again after trying everything in these forums as I kept getting a message that .. if I remember correctly .. the EULA file was corrupt and the code screen would not appear .. it shut down the installation .. although nothing is wrong with the program as it worked the first time). I went back to ver: 8 and been using that ever since.


Now I have a new state of the art computer with Vista 32 bit. I'm nervous about attempting to install EMC9 as firstly I dont know if its Vista compatible since it was a download of an original EMC9, and secondly I am wondering if its going to store its essential files in the temporary folder again if I do install it.


I cant find any answers to these two questions in the forums using search, so hopefully some people may know if I should wait for a patch/update, get a newer version, not bother until EMC10 is produced or forget it and keep using EMC8. I prefer Roxio over Nero so that is not an option.


Regards, Mike.

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Best way if you are going to use Vista is to do a clean install so that none of the problems in your existing OS are carried over (that can and does happen if you try to 'upgrade' any OS)


Install EMC9 - you will probably get a driver error (MS issued a 0 day patch to Vista that caused this) but it can be fixed with this


msi files in the temp folder? That's standard - any self-extracting file needs to extract somewhere and the msi is part of the installation process (called by setup.exe). If you have the original download, you can extract the files using winzip or winrar and put them wherever you like into a folder - then run setup from there

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