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Saving CD Label Creator Project



I created a new Audio CD Cover/label (Front, Back, CD) using a new Style that i had created and added to the list of styles ...and replacing some of the background pictures. I managed to complete and print all the cover labels. But when I try to save the project... it does not let me save it... When I click Save as ..or Save ... no window comes up to ask me where to save and under what filename.

Also when I try to close the program, the program asks me to Save it ..Yes or No... I say yes...but it does not work.


I am sure that something in the program does not like something i have done.... But what could that be... since I get no errors.. I have noticed this problem few times.


Does anybody know how to resolve this problem?


After some more tries... I believe that the reason that the Label Cover Project could not be saved...it was maybe because the images I was using were of a large size like over 1 or 2 MB. Then I tried to reduce the size ot the images to under 300 KB, and I was able to save the project. I did not have this issue with the previous version of Label Creater 6.

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