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Importing video from SONY DCR HC21...

papa sime


Can anyone advise me on how to go about handling this situation?


Im importing video via Maxell Mini DV Digital Video Cassette tapes, DVM60SE

onto my PowerBook G4 via FireWire.


Toast 7.1.2 recognizes the Camera, and the file, and imports the file.

At the end when I went to save the file, it saved it as .disc.


When I go to open the file to edit it, also with Toast, says ".disc is an unsupported format and cannot be imported."


Any thoughts on what to rename the file so Toast can open and edit it?

How about a program that can open .disc files?



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Are you using Toast's Plug & Burn feature to capture the video from the camcorder? If so, you need to set Toast Preferences to Never empty the Converted Items folder. Otherwise items in the folder are automatically deleted when you quit Toast. What this would mean to the .disc file is it could not find the media files it is pointing to when you try to reopen the Toast project.


Also, do not add a .disc file to the Toast Video window. You choose Open from the Toast File menu to open it (or double-click on it in the Finder).


I'm presuming your Toast setting is DVD video in the Video window when you are doing the import of the DV video.

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