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I really think this data fork issue is a big loser


Should the data fork error go away by design?  

1 member has voted

  1. 1. Should Roxio sort out the issues that cause 'data fork' errors with questions about copyright on disks that are not copyrighted?

    • No Question about it YES: this is a customer loser
    • Definitely, the workarounds are signs of leaky thinking
    • Yes, though mine were resolved by the extra effort
    • Yes but its not high priority
    • Well, I haven't had any of this
    • Not really, I like to be inconvenienced
    • Who cares, I have bought another product that works!
    • No, its a fun quirk
    • No, Toast is perfect, its the imperfect world that is to blame
    • No, I only bought it to spend money on the regular new versions and don' use it at all




The data forking issue seems to crop up again and again on this forum.


I can't personally understand why a DVD I created mself from transcoded xvid files on a linux system, can suddenly be impossible to burn using Roxio Toast, I thoghut this sort of inconsistent operating was a trait only of Windows applications.


What is really the underlying problem, and why haven't Roxio fixed it ages ago?


Anyway, I have created a poll, and I thought it might be more fun to see the result, than lose a 5th blank DVD to the data fork demon...


Please all put in your 50cents, or sixpenceworth, or whatever...

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I enjoy your sarcastic wit, but I don't see how this helps you with the problem at hand.


It's your first post so I don't know any history you're having with this. You've burned a video DVD from an Xvid source on a Linux system. Now you want to make copies with Toast. Is that correct? Are you copying from a disc or is a VIDEO_TS or disc image on the HDD? You mention the losing discs so I'm guessing the error appears some time during the burning. Is it a DL disc? What drive and media are you using? Have you tried a different brand of media?


Have you tried choosing Save as Disc Image rather than clicking the burn button and then burn the DVD from the disc image file?

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