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Out of timing between audio and video(pictures)



Hi all,

Does anyone know how to fix matching audio and video? I have a problem in converting a video(movie) from WMV or avi file to DVD using EMC 8. I always got a problem that the audio and video does not match. It seem to be either audio or video (Movie) delay. (I mean talking first and mouth action later). Please advise.

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There have been a lot of problems (and a lot of suggested cures) If you enter 'audio sync' in the search box at the top right on the main board, you'll get a lot of threads dealing with this


Basically there are a number of things


Your graphics card (surprisingly enough) - check for the latest drivers and also install DirectX 9.0c


Background apps - close everything down while rendering including messengers, screen savers, power saving - the LOT. The best screensaver going actually is the round button on the front of the monitor :)


Run a spyware sweep (to catch any malware that may be running in the background) I use Adaware and Spybot (one catches stuff the other misses). Both are free for personal use


When you start to render the video, go and watch TV - don't do anything on the computer (rendering is very CPU intensive and takes up the whole of the CPU and graphics processor so any interruption can cause problems


Let us know how you get on and if there are still problems

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