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Program skips frames after rendering



I am making a very small 15 minute video of a visit to Kennedy Space Center. I started the video with my signature intro, just like all my videos, then go to black screen, just like all my videos, then I have this really great photo of earth from space with my title fading in at just the right moment and the picture fades to a black screen again, then into my video. Here is the problem.


The playback in the preview screen is perfect, just like I described above, before and after the render. When I burn the video to DVD it skips my Earth/title frame. I am using only slow dissolves and have tried different text motions and I even tried one without my earth photo (just did the title on black). Thinking something was corrupt in the production I even duplicated my work again in a different production and had the same results. I just can't seem to get the title frame to show! It not only skips the frame but the music sort of stalls and skips where the frame should be. I have also tried changing the music, nothing seems to make it work. I have also tried rendering in both software and hardware mode...same problems.


Any ideas?

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