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Problem for RCP_CORE_33\

Problem for Rcpcore.msi


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I tried the above instructions on my computer.

Now a window pops up with " The certificate file is missing or has been corrupted, please re-install it. "


Now what?


Anil has not visited the forums since March. Unless he/she has e-mail notification set up, it is doubtful that he/she will be coming back.

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I get new HP and windows vista, so Creator 9 in HP so i set up but must path to c:\hp\tmp\src\RCP_CORE_33\ so I try path but fail so I put on Search for RCpcore.msi but not there.. so i try figure with RCIcore.. so how open? how to setup? can you help me? :ninja:


Not sure if this issue has been resolved for you. I chatted with a HP technician today. Make sure you have a recovery partition on your machine before attempting the below.


1) Goto All Programs > PC Help & Tools > Recovery Manager

2) Click "Next" when the program opens up.

3) Select "Yes" and click "Next" when asked "Would you like to perform a Program Recovery"

4) Click "Next"

5) Select "Roxio Creator" from the list of programs and click "Next"

6) It prompts you to uninstall the application before reinstalling

7) Uninstall all of the Roxio Creator software. You will find a number of them under Control > Programs > Programs and Features

8) Click "Next" once you have uninstalled and proceed with the reinstallation of the software

9) You will be prompted to restart your machine once the reinstall is complete


Once restarted your application should work fine.


Hope that helps.





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