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I get an invalid function error message


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I can read CD but cannot burn. When I click on E drive in Windows Explorer it says

E:\ is not accessible Incorrect function

In effect, what you are saying is "I have a computer and something on it isn't working right."


We don't know anything about any of the hardware (or software). At the top of this Forum is a post called FREQUENT ANSWERS. Please read it, and come back with enough additonal information for us to be able to help you.



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I think the problem is that the OP knows nothing of burning and is assuming that a burner is just another drive on the PC.


In truth, the only thing in common with optical media and magnetic media is that both are round! Whatever you know about working with files in magnetic media has no meaning when using optical media!


Best place to start learning is to open Classic and start reading the Content section of the Help files. Data CD would be a good starting point.

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I get a feeling here James that what they did was insert a blank disc and try to open that in Explorer - Windows will say it's insaccessible simply because it IS blank.


You need to write to it first so, I would agree that reading the help files, especially on Creator would be a good place to start

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