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dvd movie burns but freezes during playback



i have a dell inspiron 9400 which i got in october.it came with a programme called sonic which frustrated me and i quickly removed.i got a copy of roxio emc9.since installing this i have been able to burn the dvd's without problem.the problem in fact occurs when i go to watch the recently burned movie in a dvd player or computer.basically it will play ten minutes of what is on the dvd but will then freeze and not play after that.if i go to erase the disc and start over it just causes the computer to freeze.i have noticed that sonic encoders are still installed and also oggcodecs. I dont know if these effect it but the sonic encoders cannot be removed without a disc which dell never actually gave me.i dont know if i've given all the relevant information but PLEASE HELP.

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The media I used was a dvd+rw and i tried a dvd-rw. I burned dvd's at both 2x and 4x. This is the speeds that I would burn at when i had the old programme installed.My cpu is an intel centrino duo core 2 t7200 @ 2ghz and my ram is 1.00gb(I think). As for my my graphics card I again wasn't sure about this so here's what i know.

name: Mobility radeon x 1400

Manufacturer: ATI technologies inc.

Chip type: ATI Mobility Radeon x1400(0x7145)

DAC Type: Internal DAC (400mhz)

Approx Total Memory: 256.0 mb

Current Display Mode: 1280 x 800 (32 bit) (60Hz)

Monitor: Default monitor

Dont know if thats helpful.so i start Roxio Emc 9 home which takes a few seconds to load.I click video then I click create a dvd with my dvd,or else I go into quick dvd with my dvd express.

Now when I begin I add the movie, which in this case is an avi file. With the movie added i check the size, to ensure the movie fits and then i click burn and it spends about an hour burning,tells me the project was a success and ejects the disc. I then put the dvd in my player and it will only play for ten minutes or less.I have tried this with numerous discs and movies burnt onto the disc.I should also mention i have windows media centre which allows dvd burning and that also burned the disc but it still would not play.

Now with quick dvd it's much the same process. I add the movie but on this I remove the dvd menu's fit the project to the disc, and hit the burn button with the same results.i have burned the discs on each quality such as sp and lp.i dunno if any of this can help but i hope it does.i'm not very smart with the details of computers so if you can do anything to help i'd be really appreciative.Thanks.

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OK - did you update the drivers from ATI for the video card to the latest on their website


Also, make sure you installed the latest DirectX (9.0c, Feb release) from Microsoft.


The Sonic and OGG stuff is installed with EMC btw (Sonic own Roxio) and there are some Sonic apps included in EMC


If you have installed Internet Explorer 7, uninstall that from Control Panel (add/remove programs) and see if that helps.


General advice on DVD producion:


1: Defrag the drive before starting to render


2: Do a malware sweep (I use both Adaware SE and Spybot S&D - one catches stuff the other misses)


3: Close down any background apps (messengers, etc) and do not run anything during the render. It's very CPU intensive and takes up all the CPU cycles. Go watch TV while it works :)


4: Try saving the production to an image (.iso or .c2d) file and when complete, open that with Disc Copy and that will automatically send it to the DVD. It will also shrink to fit if the file is over the 4.3 GB size.

You can check the iso btw if you open Disc Image Loader and mount the iso in that before burning


Let us know if any of that has helped

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ok i dont have a clue how to uninstall internet explorer and am honestly weary to do it for fear i may not be able to recover it.i checked the website for driver updates for the graphics card and just found myself lost.i installed the latest direct x drivers but that was no help.

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i've tried it on two dvd players,my laptop and my fathers pc.On the pc or the laptop it just takes ages to load and when it does it plays the movie for 8 minutes and freezes.


Although unlikely that both plus and dash RW discs are bad, it could be bad discs or just a bad burn. Download and run DVD Info Pro and see if there are any burn errors. Perhaps your burner is going bad or needs the firmware to be updated.

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