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Transport Stream and DVB subtitles



I have transport stream files (*.TS), which can contain several audio and subtitle substreams.


1) Can I import such a file directly into DVDIt including the substreams?



I demux using ProjectX, and get


one MPEG2 file with no audio: (*.m2v) 720x576


one or more audio files: (*.mp2 or *.ac3)


zero or more teletext subtitle files: Several text formats are possible. Should be no problem to convert to DVDIt format.


If DVB subtitles I get a picture based file (*.sup). Subtitle Creator format I think it is.


2) Can I import this *.sup file into DVDIt?



Thanks in advance

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Thank you for the fast reply


Well, I actually did read a bit in the manual. I hoped there was an easy way around.


Maybe I can use DVDIt anyway, since it is possible to convert the .sup file to a text file, or the .m2v file can be combined with the .sup file to a new .m2v file with permanent subtitles. The latter requires a totally reencoding though.

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