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This is not a valid mpeg file 20400



I have exported a five minute segment of something from Avid, imported it to DVDit, and been able to burn a DVD. Then I did the exact same settings for the whole piece, 62 minutes long, and I get the message 'This is not a valid mpeg file. Am I doing something wrong? Is it the size of the file?



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What version of DVDit/ DVDit Pro are you using? what is your underlying asset in your Avid timeline?


I don't understand why would your encode through Sorenson be too large for a DVD-R disc? You must have your bit rate set too high. 62 minutes should easily fit on a DVD-5 if you use AC3...probably even with 700 megs of WAV audio. do a Google search for a DVD bitrate calculator and see what setting you should use in Sorenson...and then set the bit rate accordingly.

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what did you export from Avid? I didn't think the program exported MPEG. can you export a QT movie or QT reference file?


I have tried a number of different things.

My last attempt was a DV file, which had no problems smaller size.

In the past weeks I've exported a QT reference file, which I brought directly into DVDit Pro, and it told me the same thing about that file, after it spent a long time transcoding.


I've taken a QT rreference file, ran it through Sorenson Squeeze, which ended up giving me a huge file, which was too big for a -R disk. I've been working on this for weeks now, and I'm a little frustrated.

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