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Extracting Audio from Audio-CD does't work - Endian Problem?!



Hardware: iMac 20", Core2Duo 2.16GHz, MATUSHITA DVD-R UJ-846

Software: Mac OS X 10.4.8, Toast Titanium 8


Problem: I rip an Audio CD by dragging titles from "Audio-CD" to a new Audio CD project in Toast 8 or by adding them with the '+' button. The titles get ripped, the times displayed are ok, but: The files are extremely loud, noisy and distorted when played back in Toast or on a burned CD.


In order to examine the problem I exported the files as WAV and imported them in Audacity. Same result. If I import the very same files as raw data in Audacity (setting the Endianess to 'Big Endian') the files are ok.


Importing known good AIFF or WAV files works.


Looks like a bug to me...


Any comments or help are appreciated.



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