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Result Code= -47



Everytime I try to burn a dvd of the slide show I am putting together I get this error message. I have made sure that NO other applications are even open and that ALL files I am using in the side show (both video clips and photos) are copies of originals and stored in a seperate folder on my desk top.



Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong here?


I am using Toast 8. I had the same issue with another presentation last night, I then used Fotomagico to build the presentation and then it exported it to Toast to burn the dvd and it worked great. But when I tried it again using only Toast (and the exact same picture files I used in Fotomagico) I got the same error message (above).


I found one other year-old post regarding this error message but it was not real help.

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The kinds of slide shows that Fotomagico make are different from the Toast slide show. The latter encodes each image as a separate file. You can advance a Toast slide show using the chapter skip button on a player's remote control. The Fotomagico slide shows are movies of still images rather than actual still images.


But that doesn't explain why Fotomagico can read the image and Toast cannot. My best guess is that one or more of the images is corrupted in a small way. The only fix would be to replace the image with a newly exported one. Since the DVD slide shows created by Toast must set the image's resolution at 640x480 for the video DVD spec, I suggest using iPhoto or some other photo application to export your images at that resolution and use those for the Toast slide show.

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