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consistent error in DVD+R DL burn



Mac OS X 10.4.8 / G5 1.8 (single processor) / 2GB RAM / 60 GB free HD space

Roxio Toast 6.1.1

LaCie d2 DVD burner via Firewire 400




I have now tried about 6 times to burn a DL DVD+R in this drive (filled with data -- my print project archives). I have been successful in the past (I last did this about a month ago, without any problems), but for some reason it's consistently no-go this time round. The disc burns fine, then during verification it gets about to about 90% complete (verification process), and we get error "Unreadable sector". I don't know if it's always the same sector (b/c I neglected to write it down most of the time), but this last time I did...it was sector 3873104. Disc fails to be written. Attempting to copy the [bad] DVD back to the HD results in 'unreadable files'. So there is definitely something going on consistently wrong.


Most burns I have done I have assembled the files in Toast, then burned directly. No other programs running on the Mac. Fresh re-start. So the only thing the Mac is doing is burning (I left the machine alone during the burn, turned off the screensaver, etc.) This last burn I did, I first assembled all the files in Toast, then 'SAVE AS DISC IMAGE' to the desktop. Successful so far. Then burned that image (in Toast, using 'Copy' tab, and 'disc image'). Burn completes. Verification fails.


The burns are being done at 2x speed (the only option Toast gives me...I cannot slow down the burns to 1x or I would do so).


I am getting weary of burning $3 discs only to have them useless and trashed.


What can I do?

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You don't mention what brand of DL media you are using. The Verbatim DVD+R DL media are the only ones that seem to be reliable.


I suggest going to the LaCie support site and downloading the latest Firmware update for your drive. If your drive doesn't need the firmware update the updater will let you know that.


There should not be a verification error when burning from a disc image. I believe that is a bogus error message and the disc should be fine.

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The media I am using (sorry for omitting that earlier): Fujifilm DVD+R DL (2.4x)


I did indeed confirm prior to burning that my firmware for the drive is up-to-date using LaCie's own updater tool. I had neglected to mention this in the first post.


I just a few minutes ago completed a successful burn (8th attempt, I believe) -- I am very very relieved and happy to have this disc finally completed (after 8 discs and 3 days of trying). I again burned from a disc image. However, this time I reduced the amount I was trying to put onto the disc (from 7.8 GB to 7.5 GB, approx) and this seems to have corrected the problem.


If I understand you correctly, a non-passing verification (i.e. a failed verification) on a burn-to-DVD from a disc image is bogus and the DVD should be fine regardless of the failure notice (unreadable sectors). How can I be confident that this is the case (i.e. why I am getting a failure if the burn to media is fine?). If it isn't fine, it means I lose access to critical client projects that I maintain in my archives, so a passing verification process has always been critical prior to me removing old archive files from my hard drive.



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Based on this information it appears there is a problem with the quality of the disc at the outer edge of the second layer. Disc errors are more common near the outside so it is more risky to burn a disc to its full capacity.


The only way to tell if one of the verification-failed discs is okay is to play it near the end of the video. If it does anything but play well then the errors are too great for the player's error-correction to compensate.


My comment about bogus verification errors is based on posts I've read by freshburn (who is the true guru here). He said there can be lots of reasons for verification errors aside from a defective burn. But I have no way to know if that's true in your case, so don't take my word for it.


If you insert one of the Fuji DL discs and choose Disc Info in the Recorder menu you'll see a "more" button that connects you to a user database at videohelp where people comment on the reliability of different media. You might find that the Fuji discs are not as reliable as you hoped for (although I don't know this). Do give Verbatim media a try because that seems to be the one that the drive manufacturers are first to support.

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