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Main Movie Only On Dl+r



I'm probably being stupid, but I'm trying to copy wedding crashers from a full disc extraction that I did with MacTheRipper. I had bad luck trying to copy the entire thing by turning off the "fit to dvd compression" on the left hand side. SO, anyhoo, I'm trying to get a main movie only onto a DL disc because the movie would use 20% compression onto a standard disc. It seems that I can't do a main movie only wiithout the compression turned on and toast seems to always think I've got a standard dvd in there when showing me the compression options.



Any ideas???



Thanks in advance!

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I do have an idea. Since you're not trying to retain any menus you can have Toast 7 extract the MPEG from the VIDEO_TS folder and then author and burn a new DVD. Here is how it is done.


Place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop. Open Toast and choose DVD Video as the format in the Video window. Now click the Media button to enter the Media Browser.


Select DVD with the top button in the media browser. Your ripped DVD appears in the window below. Go down to the title level with the lower button. The different title sets appear in the window. Drag the one you want to the Toast Video window.


Toast will now extract the MPEG, writing it to the Roxio Converted Items folder. You probably can figure out the rest of the steps from her to burning your DL DVD.


If you really wanted a single layer disc you can choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu. When that is done you can select the disc image using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window and let the Fit-to-DVD feature compress it to your single-layer disc.

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