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Interesting Read - Vista Drivers


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I ran across this article this morning.


It is a very interesting but a long read.


In summery, it discusses Windows Vista and all the trouble hardware vendors are having with the DRM that Vista is built around and what it is costing the users. It trickles down to the software especially video and audio production software. (Thats the tie in with the Roxio Forum)


It is not a bash on Microsoft but it could be read that way.


Just wanted to share.



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Maybe they will offer a 'Vista lite' version that won't deal with DRM. :P

Seriously, I personally don't care about the DRM issue but when the time comes for HD/Blue Ray use for me, I most likely will. MS says they have to do this or they won't get help from vendors and that they have to watch each others backs. They have to know it's just a matter of time for someone to circumvent all their work.

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The copy protection of the HD & Blu-Ray disks have already been broken and the apps are available.


The article is more referring to what the DRM is doing to people that have purchased legitimate content and the problem they are having as well as the hardware vendors.


Did you know that the top of the line Dell XPS system is not available with the 64 bit Vista OS? When I read that, that is what got me through the rest of the article.


I have 6 computers running around the house. All are running Bionic projects. All have XP pro on them except for the high end (my newest and fastest) rig that has Multi Media Center installed patched to connect to domains (which is not available with a stock MMC), and I have two media center extenders connected through the network.


I was toying with the idea to purchase Vista Ultimate just so I could play with it and learn it. However, unless your hardware (video & audio) is specifically designed to use Vista, there is no advantages over XP unless you want it to just play and learn.


The only machine I would consider Vista worthy is my MMC rig. However I have spent too much time getting it to run perfectly to screw it up. The MMC extenders will no longer work with Vista either so I guess I'll wait till I build a new rig and then decide if I want to put Vista on it.

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