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MS finally listing some compatable software


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Interesting list - especially for what ISN'T on it


No Norton/Symantec


No Adobe/Macromedia


No Sonic/Roxio


and PC-cillin IS????? (last time I used that it refused to let me download a file from Canon - kept flagging it as a virus, so I binned it shortly after)

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They had a disclaimer at the top

"There are many applications that are compatible and work well with Windows Vista but that are not listed in this article. This is because such applications have not yet gone through the Windows Vista logo program or are still going though this program"

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Easy Media Creator 9 is compatible with Windows Vista.


We are currently going through the "Certified for Windows Vista" testing process. Rather than just certifying two ROM burning applications in our suite :rolleyes:, we are certifying the whole suite. As you might expect, this takes a great deal of effort, and it is taking some time. When we finish this process, we will be on the list.


We plan to release an update at the end of this process that will include any changes made as a result of the certification testing, and any bug fixes made since Easy Media Creator 9 was released. I wouldn't expect the 9.1 update until the end of March.



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