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Very strange CD titling effect?!

Ben Ged Low


Using Toast 6 to burn an audio CD. The name of the AIF file is SOUNDTOSLEEP. I type in SOUNDTOSLEEP on the CD when it comes up. I burn the thing. The burned CD, when stuck back into the computer, comes up with the title:


1. Orgazmo


And in iTunes it says the artist is 'Trey'


There is not a single file in my computer called Orgazmo, nor an artist in my iTunes called Trey.


Please, what might be happening here?


I've burned hundreds and hundreds of CD's and DVD's ... never come across this one before.


Awaiting word with bated breath,


Thank you,



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Someone has submitted to the online CDDB the track and title information for a CD they called Orgazmo that happens to have the same number of tracks and track lengths that your audio CD has. iTunes automatically downloaded that info and wrote it to the Mac's CDinfo database file. This is what the OS searches when you insert the audio CD. You can change that text by editing it in iTunes.


The track/title/artist information that Toast burns to the audio CD is called CD Text. The Mac OS does not read CD Text. Only specially equipped home and car CD players read it. You can see that it's there by inserting the audio CD and choosing Disc Info from Toast's Recorder menu.


At www.dougscripts.com there is an Applescript called CD Text to CDInfo that can automate the transfer of CD Text info to iTunes. Only iTunes and CDDB downloads can modify the CDinfo database file on your Mac.

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