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I have a personal (non-commercial) engagement DVD that I am trying to use Roxio to make a duplicate. 2 questions:

1) How do I make a direct DVD to DVD transfer? I have a DVD and DVD writer on my desktop, HP, using windows XP

2) I have tried to make my own copy by importing the DVD to my hard drive. Roxio did this. THen I tried to make a set-top DVD player video quality DVD of these files from my hard drive and it did it for a while and then said it failed to burn an image to the hard drive (I have plenty of space on my hard drive). If Roxio cannot do this, I will be very upset. Used 8.5GB disk. I think it has something to do with an .scn file...Roxio made a copy on my hard drive and the accompanying .scn file (the hard drive copy works on my desktop). However, I can't make a DVD copy.


Thank you.


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