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How to use the unlinked button feature



Here is one method to utilize the unlinked button feature in MyDVD 9. What you end up with is a menu that functions similar to a commercially produced DVD movie. That is, a main menu that has two (there can be more) buttons; a “Play Movie” button and “Select Chapters” button. Selecting the “Play Movie” button plays all the projects you added to the submenu one after the other without returning to the menu until the last project has played. If you click the “Select Chapters” button, a second menu appears with the buttons for each individual project. Clicking on any button will play that project only and then return to the sub menu.


The following are the steps to create the movie menus:


1. Open MyDVD, click File/New/DVD.

2. Click Change Menu Style in the Edit window and select a style with text only for buttons on the main menu. To avoid confusion in these steps, rename the main title “Main Menu“. You can always change the background picture/video, background audio, text font attributes, etc., but the basic layout will always remain the same.

3. Click DVD Menu/Add -New Unlinked Button

4. Highlight the button text and type in “Play Movie” (or what ever title you want to play the entire movie). Make font attribute changes as desired

5. Click DVD Menu/Add Submenu. Again, to avoid confusion in these steps, rename the menu title to “Sub Menu”.

6. From the new submenu, click Add New Movie, navigate to location of your projects, select the project you want to play first and then click Open

7. Rename the resulting button as desired.

8. Repeat 6 & 7 for all additional projects. Note, it is best to add the projects in the same order you want them to play. Menu navigation problems seem to occur if you try to reorder the sequence after adding them the first time.

9. Return to the Main Menu and rename the My Menu button to “Select Chapters“.

10. Point to the Play Movie button, right click and select Show Settings.

11. In the Link window, drop down the Go To: menu and select All movies in project.

12. Change, background, background audio, text, text attributes, etc. and you are done.


The above steps provide the basics to use the unlinked button feature, There are many variations that can be utilized. Experiment , save frequently, and have fun.

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