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Throughly Disappointed



Im not sure this is the best place for it, but im so frustrated, that I so sometimes wonder why I bother updating my software sometimes. :angry2:


So far, whilst upgrading the EMC9, i've had to reinstall my entire PC because of the problems it causes with stealing other programs defualt actions, installing a DVDDecoder that only works with Roxio's included ( and VERY unwanted media player ), the shear JUNK software thats included and is not removeable ( and a pain in the &%$ to disable )


Now I considered EMC9 because it came highly recommended, and the shear Bloatware that Nero has become ( and its not much better in EMC9, at least EMC9 works ) I just want to ask everyone here, and Roxio, what happend to making software that does the job, doesnt force unwanted software you cant remove without removing the product.


What happend to a software package that burns all matter of disks, and without the need to add the bloatware in it? :o

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May as well ask what happened to DOS 3 and Word 3 (the whole lot fitted on 3 x 360K 5 1/4" floppies) :lol:


Seriously, people want more and more bells and whistles - DVD writing, encoding movies and so on. The days of just burning 600 plus MB of data on a CD are well gone

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