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Backup Project duplicate folder name issue

Trevor Henderson


Hello all. I am trying to create a backup project (in Roxio Backup) but am unable to select/tick a second subfolder within a parent folder when there is two subfolders that start with the same letters. For example, a folder structure like:



c:\data\test again


does NOT allow me to select/tick the "test again" folder on the window where you nominate which folders you want included in the backup. You can physically make the tick but when you save the changes and then go back into Edit/View the project, the second entry will be unticked. Any ideas anyone, or is this just a bug in the program?



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Try this and see if it helps:

In the window that pops up to choose the folders to backup make sure that you have the Root folder checked as well as the 2 subfolders.

If I try and duplicate this if I choose only the subfolders then after reopening Backup then looking at View/Edit only the first box remains checked.

If I put a check by the root folder also,then after closing and reopening I get both boxes checked.Why this happens I have no clue.I can just relate what I found.

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You are correct that selecting the parent folder makes it all work but that is not achieving the desired result because then I would be getting all the other folders also in c:\data backed up and I don't particular want that - I only want some of the folders included in the backup. Oh well, guess it's just a bug and I need to use some other thing for my backups - shame really coz it all worked in version 7. Thanks anyway.

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