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What To Do To Install Toast 7 On Machine With Toast 6



Like I say in my title.

what should I do to insure my toast 7 works when I install it?


I have a new Box version of TOAST 7.

I currently have a PB G4 with OS 10.4.2 and Toast 6.1.1. , Popcorn 1.0.3 and Quicktime 7.0.2.


what files should I remove to make sure I have full functionality when i start with toast 7?


I am mainly using the app to digitize my vinyl LP collection - intermediate step of processing of surface noise with Clickrepair.


Ill probably plan on installing the OS 10.4.4 and QT 7.0.4 Updates shortly





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To install everything that's part of Toast 7, all you need to do is drag/drop the entire "Toast 7 Titanium" folder to your Applications folder from the CD or download that you purchased.


In the new location in your applications folder open the Toast 7 Titanium folder and double-click on the Toast Titanium icon and enter your CD key when prompted. Then you can use Toast, as well as the CD Spin Doctor software located in the Additional Software folder to digitize your LPs.


To remove Toast 6, all you need to do is drag the Roxio Toast 6 Titanium folder and all its contents to your trash can and empty the trash. Of course, you can leave it on your system if you want, as well. Toast 7 will run fine with Toast 6 still installed.

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