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Buying Creator 9 for a laptop



I just bought my wife a new laptop. It is a Toshiba A105-4384

It has XP on it. It is not the fastest laptop around. Hard Drive speed

is only 4200. If you want to see the specs, it is at



I am very unfamiliar with laptops. But her laptop has one program to burn

CD's and one program to burn DVD's. I want her to have just one program to

do both. I have Roxio 7 Basic DVD Home which would be perfect for her, but

I do not believe you can buy that anymore. All the other bells and whistles on

9 might be too much for her.


Do you think her laptop can handle V9?

Can you get a license to put V9 on a second computer you own?

(I would like to have V9 on my desktop.)

The ideal setup for us would be V7 on her computer and V9 on mine.

I had V5.2 on my desktop when I bought it from Dell and upgraded to


Thanks and sorry for such dumb questions.


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Sorry, I did not get a notification that anyone replied to my topic.

What does Windows Media Player 11 do to destroy Roxio?

The reason I ask is that it just upgraded on my system and I really like

Roxio 7 that I have. I guess I can delete it (WMP 11) and go back to

WMP 10. (If I can find it)

Thanks Bill

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The only problem I can see with the laptop is possibly the Video chipset.It shows as 8Mb-128Mb shared memory.If you allocate all 128Mb you might be ok.Video work is very GPU intensive.

If your desktop machine can handle it why not put V9 on that and move your version to her laptop.

V9 has pretty high requirements and you want to try and exceed what it says the minimum requirements are.

Also if you go to Roxio's website you can download a trial version of V9 and see if it works before buying.

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