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Mydvd Picture Problems




I've been having picture problems with MyDVD. The mpg's I'm using are 720x576 created in videowave. I've been using MyDVD setting of PAL 720x572 as there is no 720x576 setting and have been experiencing flicker and colour problems (black backgrounds starting black then getting abit lighter then going back to black then doing it again)

I've experimented and changed my settings to PAL 704x572 and from interlaced to progressive. This has made everything much better, but still not perfect (black backgrond not perfect black but ok, picture still flickers slightly).

Has anyone any ideas on how to get it even better. In EMC7.5 everything is perfect, I'm assuming there is a setting somewhere I could change.

Also tried the option to render with software instead of hardware.

This was done in 16:9 mode think I'll try 4:3!



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