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I just bought a new HP Notebook that has Creator Basic 9 preinstalled. I want to install my own retail EMC 9 Suite. After I installed it once...I couldn't run it. Something about certificates. Well, I ended up screwing up my registry and had to restore my operating system VISTA HOME PREMIUM, and now I'm afraid to try to reinstall it.


I have no idea what is wrong with me, obviously, since I had the same problem on my Gateway Desktop running Windows XP.


Seems everyone else I know can install and run EMC 9...but ME! I haven't even installed ANY other software on this new notebook, but it did come with Norton Internet Security installed and running and also it has Windows Media 11 on it.


I'm stumped!


Can anyone point me in the right direction???



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"I ended up screwing up my registry and had to restore my operating system VISTA HOME PREMIUM, "

If you had to restore your original Vista O.S. it most likely installed the original OEM Creator basic 9 program back on your computer in the process. Most restore disks are just that---They "Restore" your computer to the way it was when you bought it.


So as Daithi suggested, remove that OEM version completely before you try installing your new EMC 9 suite program. Just make sure that you have deleted every trace of the old program as was suggested.





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EMC 11 is part of Vista as is IE7 - they should work fine


What may have happened is that, when you installed EMC9, the exisating OEM installation remained


If you re-installed Vista, and didn't install the OEM, the full version should go in , however, disable Norton before you start (that's standard for any application really - nobody ever seems to read the bit about stopping all other programs first)


If the re-install left the OEM version, then uninstall it first and use the MS clean up utility tool to remove all traces from the registry before attempting to install the full version

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