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Sonic Digitalmedia plus v7 thumbnail error?



Hi newbie here. I had a problem with trying to burn a disc. I have successfully sorted some of the errors via reinstalling WMP 10.


But i am still left with this error when trying to add a film to the burner:-


"Cannot make a thumbnail. Make sure you have the appropiate decoder installed - 47010"


Any help much appreciated.

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This error indicates that the software could not find the appropriate decoder to read the file you're trying to import. Think of a decoder as a key to the movie, every format has its own key.


What this means is one of three things

(1) You're using a format that is not natively supported by the software and it is failing to use one of its own decoders. You'll need to reencode the file to a format that is supported by the software. Check the help file.

(2) The file is damaged or corrupted in some way. It will need to be reencoded or replaced.

(3) You're encountering a codec conflict. Using the analogy above, formats require keys to unlock the video information. Different companies build different keys for their software. Sonic has its own MPEG2 decoder just like Adobe might have their own. Obviously, their own decoder is designed to perform optimally with their own software. It's when a sonic application tries to use an Adobe decoder that you might encounter a codec conflict. To resolve this issue you have to use a free program called Filter Manager to reassign your codec merit values. This process is not for the novice user. Some times reinstalling the Sonic software will make its decoder's merit values the highest but not always.


So if the above made no sense reply with all the information about your source files, such as where you got them, what produced them, etc. Maybe we can help you out from there.

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