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sound and pic stutter on playback



HELP, burned my first DVD, (I am using TiVo programs transfered to my laptop to send to buddy overseas in military) was ready to burn my second dvd when i figured i would take a look at the first one. playback was horrible, sound skipped, picture was jittery. program was unwatchable. I played on both windows media player and roxio program. i am afraid to burn the next dvd for fear of wasting another disc. i have read through alot of the forums, and the answers to users questions are very technical. i am not computer savvy, figured i could just buy and download software, and use it (silly me huh?) any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks (i am using windows xp)

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First of all we need to know what video card you have.


Also, if you have updated the drivers for it from the maker's website and also if you installed the latest DirectX 9.0c from Microsoft

I am researching this, (I don't know how to find out the answers, asking a friend so as not to bother ya) will reply tomorrow.. thanks for the response..

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