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Trying to copy a DVD



Hi can someone explain how i can copy a previously burned (in toast titanium) onto another disc. I load the disc it is recognised in toast, i eject the disc and add a blank disc but none of the info has been saved. Do i have to copy the didc info back onto the H Drive?


sorry for being a dumb &%$

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Choose the Toast Copy window. Insert the DVD and click the burn button. Toast copies the DVD as a temporary disc image. When it is done the disc is ejected and Toast asks you to insert a blank disc. When you insert it Toast completes the burn.


Alternatively you can choose the Copy window, insert the disc and select Save as Disc Image from the File menu. When that is finished you eject the disc and change to the Image File setting in the Copy window. Select the disc image that was saved and burn the disc. That's what I typically do.

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