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Create ISOs and/or DMGs



How come in Easy Media Creator we can create image files of DVDs or CDs on the hard drive, but in Toast we cannot?


I know you can use Disk Utility and go through that whole hassle, but I just want to insert a disc and create an image on the hard drive.


There are other programs that I could purchase and use, but since I paid 79$ for this application (after rebate), I find it a serious shortage on features to not simply be able to make a image.


If the option DOES exist in there, please tell me where it is cuz I've looked through the help file and all through the interface and I simply cannot locate it.

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The option is called Save as Disc Image and it is in the File menu. When the image file is completed go to the Finder and change the extension from .toast to .iso if you need to do this. Image files can be burned to disc using the Image File setting in the Copy window.

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