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Blu-ray-compliant video from 25fps



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Greets from the PAL land.


As 1920x1080p @ 25 fps is NOT compliant with Blu-ray, what conversion would you recommend for this sort of footage: 1920x1080i @ 25 or slowing down to 1920x1080p @ 24?



Have the same problem

also working in pal format

the solution that fit for my was enocde the file to quictime en used apple uncompressed audio only 2 chanels

i work with adobe prem 2.0 en used the media encoder from adobe

i am in this format able to burn bd re with a menu

the settings are motion jpeg a and uncompressed apple audio

i also want to export in mpeg 2 hd with prem 2

but don`t now how to do that

al help is welcome

but in quictime it workt for me

greetings from a pal user with lots of gray hair getting worser every day

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Does the final product look good? No judder or other interlacing-related artefacting?

I find the media encoder mpeg 2 hd beter looking

But i cant do it with menu`s

I also get some artifacts with quicktime codec

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