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Cannot burn sucsessfully to DVD, advice please



I have both Toast 8 and Toast lite, the latter came with my Lacie drive/burner [firewire] , however since I started using Toast 8, I have been unable to burn a movie file to DVD.


I go through the correct process which worked in the distant past yet no go. I have tried different DVD's, sony DVD +R, Tesco DVD - R and various other disk including re-writerble all to no avail.


What occurs is after toast has finished coding the file, and is about to write the lead in, the following comes up.


The drive reported an error

Sense key=illegal request

Sense code= 0+30,0+06

Cannot format medium-incompatible medium


I click OK and toast stops writing lead-in and then the message, 'unable to write disk' appears and I am back to square one.


It is so disappointing, any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Sounds like a media issue. Can you bun with Lite? I would recommend experimenting with different brands of media.




Thanks for replying, by media i presume you mean the make of DVD's. I have tried a number of brands without success, at first I thought it may be Tesco disks but I have now tried a number of brands both Lacie and apple recommend yet still the aforementioned message comes up. I though it may have been something to do with Toast 8, [although it backed up my iphoto library to dvd OK.] so I reverted to using Toast lite, but still no will do, although in the past i was able to burn with it but not any more it seems.


I am just at my wits end with this.

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Try cleaning the laser with a laser-cleaning disc.


Another thing to try. Shut down the Mac. Unplug the Firewire and power to the LaCie drive. After about 10 minutes start up the Mac without the LaCie drive connected. Now connect and power up the drive.

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