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video capture



I am in the process of capturing a bunch of old VHS tapes to burn to dvd, and have found that as long as I have audio with my video I can capture just fine. But I have a sonagram tape with no audio and a couple of tapes with tiles and cut sceens with out audio that causes the capture to either stop, or it just will not let me capture it.


I have the same problem with EMC9 and Microsofts media center.


Is there a way to force a capture no matter what? even if it is nothing more than a blue menu screen?



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The software doesn't really care if audio is present or not but your capture device might…


Tell us more about the capture device you are using.

sorry bout that:


Dell XPS 700

2gigs of ram

dual nvidea 7900's


and the capture card is an angle II dual tuner card.

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