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Not able to read cd-r




One of my users has burned a cd-r (Imation CD-R, 52x 700MB, 80 min; w/forcefield protective coating)

on her old pc that died. She is not sure if it was burned or D2D - she had a friend help her who did the work.

The pc was a Dell and whatever version of Roxio that came with it.


We cannot read the cd - it shows up as a blank disk; however, her laptop can read it 2 out of 3 times.


The files are Word documents. All involved pcs are Win XP S/P 2.


On my pc I started up Roxio Creator Classic - Ver. 7 (build ENU) and went to:


Tools, Disc and Device Utility and it shows the following:


CD-R Single session (with Mode 2-XA data - Incomplete 1 session, 2 tracks Not recordable, used space: 702.8 MB)


If I click on the Finialize button I receive this error:


"Session Fixation Error - Empty or partially written reserved track in session - Illegal request."


If I click on a track and try to read the track I receive this error:


"Error # 0x15640001 - illegal mode for this track - Illegal request."


Any ideas on what we can do to be able to read these cds? She has a lot of these cds - she made backups of all of her word documents for the past few years.


thank you very much,



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