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converting quicktime .mov file to .iso file to then be burned



Hi there,


I need help converting quicktime .mov files into an iso disc image. i have a large-scale dvd burner that converts these iso files into DVDs.


Any idea what software i'd use to do this?


I've looked at "burn" and one or two others, and they seem to go "straight" to dvd.


I don't need "movie theater" quality, but something useable. I'm also new to the mac and this may be very apparent, and I just don't realize it b/c i'm new.


thanks in advance, craig

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I'm not certain what the large-scale DVD burner needs to have inside the ISO file.


If you place the .mov files in the Toast Video window and select DVD video as the format, and then choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu, you will get a disc image on your hard drive. In the Finder you can change the file's .toast extension to .iso. I do this when I want to have a .iso video DVD disc image on my LaCie Silverscreen hard drive. The Silverscreen mounts the .iso file and it plays like a video DVD on a DVD player.

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