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Encoding time



If I am encoding a recorded TV film to write to DVD I usually get a thumbnail video of the encoding process displayed and if the film is for example 1:45 long then the encoding takes about 1½ hours. However it sometimes starts showing the thumbnail sized video image and then changes to a blank image and the encoding takes about 15 minutes. In either case the actual burn time is about 10 - 15 minutes.


Obviously it is much better if I can complete the operation in a total of just under 30 minutes instead of the nearly 2 hours it takes when it shows the entire video as it goes, which seems to have no useful purpose anyway.


Is there any way I can make it always do it this way?


One other little niggle is that when it has finished it pops the DVD out of the drive and then tells me there was an error that the media has been removed. There is never anything wrong with the DVD, just the annoying error message. It seems pointless since the program itself has performed the disk eject!


I have just installed the Creator 9 Home on my just purchased HP Pavilion 7655 with 2Gb memory and a Core 2 Duo E6600 so all the drivers etc. are the latest.

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I think it is doing smart rendering when you don't see the preview.




Thank you, that has explained everything. I had wondered why it sometimes showed the whole thing and took ages and sometimes went 6 times faster without showing the progress. Now I know it depends on whether I have altered anything or not. Unfortunately I often make a slight adjustment to the brightness and contrast, in which case it seems I have to put up with longer times.



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Rendering time varies according to the amount of compression on the original file and there's no way you can alter the duration of the render - it's just one of those things.


You can set the encoding process to background if you wish (in tools, options) which may speed up the process a bit as it won't show the preview


The error message as the disc ejects - I honestly haven't a clue (never seen that happen myself)

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Thanks for the rapid reply, I will try the background bit.


I was by the way meaning that two films of the same length so the same amount of compression, taking 90 minutes with the preview and 15 minutes without, which is a difference of 6 times!

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