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Toast Caused Itunes Crashed




I am going to do my best to describe the problem here:


I have my itunes program opened. I inserted a DVD full of mpeg 3 music. I then opened Toast 7.0.1 and dragged my mp3 music to the Toast and inserted a blank CDR into a external dvd burner (Lacie) and burned a regular audio music cd Everything went fine and it finished burning and all. Then Toast gave me the option to " mount or eject" and I chose to mount and quitted Toast 7.0.1

However, itunes couldn't open it automatically (and I've sep up for it to open whenever ausio cd is inserted) and for strange reasons, toast opened itslef (but I couldn't click on menu) and I couldn't open itunes at all. And now, the computer thinks itunes is Toast.

I clicked on itunes and Toast kept popping up. So, I had to force quite itunes and opened it again. Once I've done so, eyerything seemed to be fine.


Can someone please explain? Thank you so much.

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I can't explain why it happened but I think I know what happened. When the Toast tried to mount the CD the OS mistakely saw the disc as being blank recordable media. You probably have the CDs & DVDs panel in System Preferences set to automatically launch Toast when a blank disc is inserted. After quitting iTunes the OS was able to see that the disc was an audio CD, but not before then.


You might try cleaning your system caches with an application such as Onyx, MacJanitor or Macaroni. That might have something to do with this, but I'm just guessing.

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