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preset fade on last track of audio cd, audio cuts out



Hi, I'm not finding a spot right away to report what seems like a bug, so I'll do it here, and in case someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong..


I'd like to fade out the last track of my audio cd, the original track was too long to fit on the cd so I trimmed it and then wanted to fade.


1) The preset fades, Linear, Slow, Fast - sound fine when I preview the fade in the Custom dialog box, but when I actually burn or play the track in Toast what happens instead is the audio cuts out completely at the start of the fade point. Doing a Custom fade doesn't have this problem, works fine. However, if I start with a preset fade of, say, 20 sec, so I can have Toast set the length for me, and then I can mess with it, this still has the problem of audio cutting out. The way the numbers are laid out it's easier to have Toast set the length initially instead of trying to do the math, but this produces the bug.


2) Can't set crossfades (or a fade on last track) to more than 20 sec, gives error "Crossfades cannot exceed the length of the track." and my tracks are certainly longer than 20 seconds.


I'm a Jam 6 user, though I used it not for professional purposes, just to normalize and have a bit more control over audio mix cds, like doing crossfades and etc, so I already know how to do those things there. Now I have an intel mac and want to use Toast 8 instead -- noticed these apparent bugs, hopefully it helps to point them out.



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